Pound Intervention

10502346_526710797462628_3383401878641636797_nOne of Team Dog’s biggest programs is all about Pound Intervention. When people feel like they have no other choice but to surrender their pet, we try to assist them and figure out a way if we can help keep that pet with the family that very much loves them.

On our Facebook Page, you’ll see us work with owners, pounds, and councils to not just return pets to their very loving families and keeping them out of the pound system but preventing them from going into it in the first place and we need your help to ensure our Pound Prevention program continues.

So what does our program do?

It offers help to families who find themselves in the terrible situation of either being forced to surrender their pet or to be unable to reclaim it from the pound. We work with the owners and other parties involved to find a good solution for all.

We often help financially but we also look at the root cause if and when needed. If a dog has escaped its yard because the fencing is not secure, we will not only help the family reclaim their dog but we will pull resources to help them secure their yard so the dog does not escape at all.

In cases where a family might feel they have no option but to surrender their dog because of ongoing barking complaints, we will assist them in finding behavioural training, as well as talk with the neighbours so that everyone is on board with finding a real solution. Suddenly unable to walk your high energy dog and this lack of exercise is causing a great deal of stress for everyone? We may be able to help find you some dog walkers who can help you while you recover.

There are many, many ways we might be able to help but unless we have the funds, we are limited by what we can do. If you can contribute towards our community work, please do.

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