Pet Owner Support

10632667_524301651036876_1015279529089998608_nWhen families are in crisis and cannot access resources or services, we offer a helping hand.

This can be as simple as providing a couple of week’s worth of food, access to cheaper, basic vet work, or even training. Sometimes it can even be mending a broken fence. Where we are unable to directly source the resources or services needed, we will call out to the local community for help. This builds connections and a sense of unity in the area.

We also support owners through the Restricted Breed process in NSW (including financial assistance for the assessments), and can provide guidance with other pending declarations or orders under the relevant NSW legislation. Where necessary, we will also refer for legal advice.

Our website is frequently having new resources added, including Rehoming Advice for those times where despite all efforts it is still best for the pet to be rehomed. Let us know in the contact form below if there is something you would like to see!

Whatever might be needed we will do our best to help directly, source help, or refer along to trusted individuals and organisations.

There are many, many ways we might be able to help that are not always financial, but unless we have funding support, we are limited by what we can do. If you can contribute towards our community work, please do.

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