About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Promoting sensible, science-driven animal welfare practices, supporting pet owners, and working towards a safe, humane Australia.

Our Work:

Team Dog Inc. works to support pet owners in times of crisis, with a focus on keeping pets out of the pounds and with families that love them.

Our current programs include:

Pound Intervention – when people feel they have no choice but to surrender their pet, they can turn to us and we will provide all the resources we can to ensure that pet stays in its loving home, instead of taking up much needed space in the pound system.

Pet Owner Support – when families are in crisis and cannot access resources or services needed to care for their pets, we offer a helping hand. This can be as simple as a couple of week’s worth of food or it can be access to cheaper, basic vet work, or training. Sometimes it can even be mending a broken fence.

Our Objectives:

• Supporting pets and people in crisis so that they can stay together through our pound intervention and pet owner support programs.

• Advocating for effective legislation (such as the Calgary Model) that is proven to reduce dog bites and keep communities safe throughout Australia.

• Assisting families in Breed Specific Legislation cases where they are unfairly targeted and need support.

• Providing pet owners with advice in regards to their rights and responsibilities under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998, including liaising with councils on their behalf if we deem it suitable to do so.

• Sharing information and resources regarding pet ownership; including desexing, socialisation, training, containment, exercise, proper diet, etc.

• Working with Councils, Shelters, and Rescue Groups to maximise exposure and adoptions through good adoption practices, enrichment programs, exciting and inclusive events, and distribution of important information.

• Sharing resources that will improve the human-canine bond and the community as a whole.


Please be advised that at this time we can only provide our programs and legislative support within New South Wales. 


Team Dog Inc. is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

ABN: 87 181 229 216
INC: 1500637
CFN: 23893